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S8000 PVC Windows



  • Excellent insulation due to six chambers in both frame and sash.
  • Very good rigidity due to large steel reinforcements in the frame and sash.
  • Easy to clean, thanks to a generously large sash rebate
  • Excellent rigidity due to large steel stiffeners in the frame and sash
  • Available in either flat profile with a bevelled glazing bead, or semiflush with round glazing beads

Colour Options


 opening -04 Side Hung Window
When a side hung window opens the sash does not move away from the frame like a projecting side hung window. This type of window can be used as a fire escape as the full width of the window is accessible when the window is open. Inward
 opening -03 Bottom Hung Window
A bottom hung window is similar in function to a Side Hung window but with the hinges placed at the bottom. Inward
opening -02 Fixed Light
A fixed light window has no sash and does not open. This type of window is ideal where you want to maximize internal light and make the most of scenic views.
 opening -01 Tilt and turn window
The windows open inwards. They combine two opening types (hung and tilt) in one sash, which is the great advantage. The tilt and turn windows are operated with one centrally-located easy-to reach handle. The windows should not be wider than they are high. Sashes which are too wide place too much load on the hardware and tend to sag. Inward
Profile width 83 mm
U value Uw 0,72 W/m²K (for entire window with glazing unit)
Uf 0,92 W/m²K (for frame with standard reinforcement)
Hardware G-U, additional security levels available, standard and lockable handles
Glazing From 24 mm to 50 mm, wide choice of glazing options
Glass unit spacers Aluminium or thermo spacer
Gaskets Tripple
Trickle vent Gecco 4
Colour choice White; Wood imitation on one side/both sides; different wood laminate on each side; acryl-coloured from outside. Acrylic colour finish not available. 
Opening type Opens inside, Tilt & turn with 3 microventilation positions